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  Home & Soul

Tranquil Designs & Products

   for a Healthier Home & LifeStyle

We believe we ALL have the power to change the world for the better. That starts with an understanding of the communities we share the planet with.  We're passionate to share resources, products and information from native cultures abroad, as well as local and national groups and organizations.

This page is dedicated to sharing those 'resources' with you.

They come from a variety of sources including; inspirational Authors, Musicians, and Artists, Motivational Speakers, 

Whole Body Mind Spirit Wellness Professionals, news on extraordinary Projects, Forums, Events and Products. People and Stuff rocking the world!

We've based our selection on our belief in the great value and the integrity of these materials, projects and products. We hope you find them useful, inspiring and that they make a positive impact on your life. We'll soon be adding interesting blogs, free downloadable booklets and resources for your whole Mind-Body-Spirit health and serenity. We welcome any suggestions you may have, please contact us!

Our Sustainable International Marketplace will RE-LAUNCH soon!

Cultural Artwork and HANDMADE goods from International youth, women and men around the globe.

We represent communities in Uganda Africa, Thailand and Yucatan Mexico - your purchases help support their livelihood and create sustainable marketplaces for them. These individual artworks include 'sketch&sew' Tuli-Tote bags from India, handstiched fabric animals,

wood carvings, handmade beaded jewelry, bags and woven gifts from Uganda, Africa and more!

In support of our young budding artisans, we will soon represent a line of specialty gifts from local teens and youth, including short published works!

Your purchases help support native cultures and communities around the globe. Creating these beautiful handmade gifts for you, offer them creative outlets to share their gifts and talents while supporting their families and communities.