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  Home & Soul

Tranquil Designs & Products

      for a Healthier Home & LifeStyle

Affirming a YEAR of Goodwill, Mindful Living, Healthy Habits and Gratitude!

"Our goal is to help you create a Home that is your Sanctuary, and a Lifestyle that is authentic, healthy and uniquely yours.

We offer SereneHomeServices and SpecialtyGiftSets with unique Artisan Products that are joyfull, nature inspired,

eco-friendly  custom designed to meet your needs and style."

                                                                       Diana, Founder & Creative Director           

Please select either button below for additional information on our 'Home Services' or 'Specialty Gifts and Products':

SereneHome Services

& Natural HomeCare Products

Improving your current home, or searching for a new one?

We've got you covered! We'll help you create the Home of your dreams through our Decor & Color Consultations, Seasonal    

Re-Decorating, Home/Office Organizing, Live/Virtual Digital Staging, Packing for your move, and prepping for sale with Curb Appeal upgrades - one stop covers it!

Specialty Gift Sets, Products

Floral & Living Gardens

Our custom designed GiftSets include a selction of scrumptious Gourmet Treats, inspiring Artisan Gifts, luxurious, 100% Natural Botanical Body, Baby and HomeCare products. Our Orchid & Blooming Gardens are designed to uplift your Spirit and reconnect with nature. Calm your Mind, Body and Spirit with a treat for yourself or a unique gift for friends, and associates today!

Contact Us for Additional Information

Resources for your Heart and Soul

Our very favorite Gallery! Tony produces stunning Photography Fine Art which connects with nature and sends our hearts soaring. Visit his website, gallery, and be sure to subscribe to his newsletters! 

We absolutely love

Maria Shriver's


It's the very best!

"A free weekly newsletter that inspires Hearts and Minds and moves Humanity forward with News & Views that rise above the noise"

I look forward to relaxing and reading this every Sunday morning, AND now they offer a NEW Wednesday edition!

UCLA Women's Cardiovascular Center offers a wide range of services and integrative medicine programs specifically designed with Women in mind! Check out the website for upcoming events, tips and resources for "Heart Healthy Living"!

UCLA TeenHeartHealth Program involves Teens to promote

Heart Healthy Habits including stress reduction, nutrition and

excercise tips. JOIN TODAY!

Each year we select a charity organization to support, and commit

to donating a percentage of all product sales and services.

From November 2020 - December 2021, we have selected

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. My father,

Elia Carlo 'Charles' Rapagna, recently lost his battle with cancer,

and this was his favorite charity. My son and I created a Memorial Fund in his name, and you can read about him or make your own donation to fight cancer, by clicking the photo link above.

Your purchases will 'give back' and make a big difference in many families lives who are also living with cancer.

Thank you for your purchases, your support and prayers.

"We fully support Sustainability, Global Projects, Eco-Friendly Products and Holistic Approaches to our services and product selection - for the greater good of our unified planet. Please carefully consider your

purchases; select green, sustainable Earth Friendly products and services."

Tranquil Patios & Gardens

Enjoy our gorgeous California weather in your Outdoor Living Room!

Add a water treatment.

Floral Displays & Gifts

Give Yourself the GIFT of Nature!

Plants and Fresh Floral Decor improve and enhance your environment, treat yourself!

Comfor‚Äčtable Living that soothes YOU!

Personalized Living Spaces that reflect your style, needs and desires -

don't settle for the latest fads!