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  Home & Soul

Tranquil Designs & Products

   for a Healthier Home & LifeStyle

"Our goal is to help you create a Home that is your sanctuary, a Lifestyle that is authentic and uniquely yours....

Your Home becomes a soothing retreat that calms your body and soul, through unified space, and an Eco-friendly environment,

your Lifestyle rekindles your connection with Nature and your true Source, creates balance, and reflects your authentic passion.

All this provides a healthy home for your Self, Family and Pets, while fitting your personal style and needs."

Our Services include:

Affordable Home Staging

Your Home: 'For Sale' to 'SOLD!'

At minimal cost, we will organize and redefine your floor plan for maximum impact - resulting in greater profits!

Our expert team will pack and carefully label your treasures for your move, adding accent items to create a fresh look for maximum impact and sales potential. All at a fraction of the cost of full staging, but with a professional personal touch!

"Surveys by the National Association of Realtors show Home Prepping/Staging are excellent methods for increasing the perceived value of the home for sale, obtaining top dollar, and deeply affects the buyers perspective about

the residence"

Personalized Plans for a Serene Home Improve your LivingSpace! Decor and home organizing plans to support your families lifestyle!

We combine indoor & outdoor areas to create a more unified home, reduce stress and maximize enjoyment of your living space. We also offer a complete line of Home Care products to keep your living space free from toxins and negative energy. You will reap the benefits of a clean, positively charged Living Space.

"Subtle changes in your home decor can reflect the beauty of the changing seasons, and add to the harmony, and serenity of your Home&Life!"

Every client's needs are individual and unique, and you can trust we will work with you to create a package that fits your budget,

designed around Your personal Life&Style, not a passing Fad!

Contact Us for a Consultation


Mindful Living, Health & Healing resources, Blog, & Social Media Links. We'll share free informational tips with printable downloads, links to Eco-friendly products, and associates we confidently recommend. Look for 'Featured Tips' for refreshing your Home Decor, DIY Home Organizing, Seasonal Decorating, Party Planning, and cost effective ideas for making the most out of your INDOOR & OUTDOOR space!

Our Exclusive GiftSet Line includes:

Soothing Personal and Home Care Products for your Mind Body & Spirit Our Exclusive line of Artisan Products enhance your Mind, Body, Spirit Connection We've selected 100% healing, soothing, Mindful products to include in our Marketplace for your Home, Self & family, and as the perfect Gift option.

We support small family and individual Artisans that care about quality, customer satisfaction and excellent product. We offer unique high quality GiftSets and individual products that will blow your mind and satisfy every need.

Celebrate the Season with

'Serene Home Seasons GiftSets'

thoughtfully designed for

Mind, Body &Spirit Enrichment!

Give a Gift Subscription for a truly delightful Seasonal Gift (4 sets), or select the perfect gift for any occasion or to enjoy yourself! Each Season will offer at least two Gift Sets to choose from.

Exotic Floral & Plants

Seasonal and Exotic Fresh Flower Displays, Potted Plants & Trees for a Happier Healthier Home! Our Floral & Plant Decor will enhance and beautify your home, while providing a naturally calming and healing environment, create balance and contribute to a more relaxed atmosphere for your family and pets!

Baby, Body & Home Care

products for your Serenity;

GiftSets and Individual Product

We represent a complete luxurious line of 100% Eco Friendly. all natural products, completely safe for your family, pets and our planet.

"We fully support Sustainability, Global Projects, Eco-Friendly Products and Holistic Approaches to our services and product selection - for the greater good of our unified planet. Please carefully consider your purchases and select green, sustainable Earth Friendly products and services."

Resources for your Heart and Soul

Tranquil Patios & Gardens

Enjoy our gorgeous California weather in your Outdoor Living Room! Add a water treatment.

Floral Displays & Gifts

Plants and Fresh Floral Decor improve and enhance your environment, treat yourself!

Comfortable Living

Personalized Living Spaces that reflect your style, needs and desires - not the latest fads!