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  Home & Soul

Tranquil Designs & Products

      for a Healthier Home & LifeStyle

Organize, Update and Refresh your Living Space - a Mini or Major Make-Over!

Create an authentic Home that reflects YOUR taste and style by redefining and harmonizing your Living Space!

"It's smart and easy to combine your complete indoor and outdoor square footage into a unified, well organized

and useful living space. Our aim is to create a harmonious home that balances your life style, and meets your needs. Imagine a home designed to nourish your soul, promote creativity, healthy living and your serenity.

A place you can truly call HOME."

Whether you're improving your current home, or searching for a new one, we've got you covered!

We'll help you create your dream home, working with you to design a plan, for the best use of space and maximum enjoyment. To keep your enviroment clean and green we also offer 100% natural, toxin free Eco-Friendly Home & Body products to provide an uplifting living space for your Family & Pets.


'For Sale' to 'SOLD!'

Select the button below and  Contact Us  today!

Our services include affordable Home Staging, Virtual Staging, Organizing, Packing, and Curb Appeal enhancement upgrades for maximum impact resulting in greater profits! Our expert team will pack and carefully label your treasures, add full decor or accent items, or provide professional quality digital renditions at a fraction of the

cost of full staging.

More Info: Prep Your Home For SALE!

"Surveys by the National Association of Realtors show Home Prepping /Staging vastly improves the perceived value of the home for sale, obtaining top dollar, and deeply affects the buyers perspective about the residence"

Personalized Plans for a Serene Home Improve your Living Spac‚Äče!

One stop covers all your needs. Book a consultation with us today

  • Organize, de-clutter and refresh room decor to redefine your space

  • Color & Decor Consultation to brighten your home or office
  • Family Friendly Patio, Garden & Outdoor 'Living-Room' plans
  • Live / Virtual Digital Staging
  • Pre-Move Packing / Move-In Unpacking and Organizing
  • Seasonal / Holiday Decorating (shopping, decorating, post-packing)
  • Decor & Furniture Shopping that save you $$$!
  • If you are remodeling - we can oversee your project, and assist with planning



"Subtle changes in your home decor can reflect the beauty of the changing seasons, and add to the harmony, and serenity of your Home&Life!"

Let NATURE Inspire you!

Treat yourself to Seasonal or Holiday Decorating Packages!

No matter the Season, your home should reflect your style - and it's easier that you think!

The simple addition, or subtraction of basic decor items can bring a entirely fresh, seasonal flair to your living space. So CELEBRATE Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.

We can use your own items, or shop for and add Seasonal Decor, and then we will

re-pack the decor for re-use next year.

Consider A Magical Addition....

Imagine a floor to ceiling, full wall or accent mural to enhance the beauty of

your home and bring nature indoors! We can recommend a reliable, creative

Artist to custom design and hand-paint the vision of your dreams.

This hand-painted mural was a floor to ceiling dream for our client. A photograph transformed into a piece of Art.